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Eir is a wellness app that will keep you engaged, help you stay focused and be the best you can be.

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Create an account with Eir on the mobile app, or sign-in if you already have an account.

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Once you sign in, you will see the Home tab, with your overall Life Score and individual scores for Health, Wealth, Career and Fulfillment.


Healthy habits leads to a healthy body and healthy mind. A vital ingredient to leading a happy life.

Click on Health Score in home page. Answer the questions on the Health page. Get your Health score.


Enjoy what you do and become a more productive member of society, thus creating a virtuous cycle of life.

Click on Career Score in home page. Answer the questions on the Career page. Get your Career score.

Self Esteem

Be humble and modest. But also respect oneself. And be proud of your achievements. This paves the path to a content life.

Click on Self Esteem Score in home page. Answer the questions on the Self Esteem page. Get your Self Esteem score.


Care about self. Care about others. Be grateful. Pay forward. And thus lead a fulfilling and mindful life.

Click on Fulfillment Score in home page. Answer the questions on the Fulfillment page. Get your Fulfillment score.

Life Score

Gives you the composite overall score. A holistic measure that keeps you going and on track.

Life is not static. Neither is your score. Update your score regularly to keep your Life Score current.


Keep track of your growth. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even annually.


Learn from insightful and relevant content on how to improve your life. Live your life better with content from books, articles, videos and podcasts.

All together, better

The Eir app helps you gain insight into your life. Get started today.

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