Gratitude as a Tool For Better Living

November 10, 2021

Gratitude as a Tool For Better Living

There are the days, weeks, months and even years when we don’t feel like ourselves, engrossed within the
puzzles entangling our feet, getting suffocating day by day followed by depression, anxiety, and

Those who are suffering don’t do it purposely, instead of me myself have that time when I would try my
best to stay happy, to overcome the hurdles that make me worst at personal communication, but in the
end, everything seems to be collapsing, nothing hits harder than the feeling of sadness engulfing you

So, is there anything that can put these thoughts under, make you feel alive just like a child in his
childhood, whose smile is built with innocence but not with a mindset, i.e., when the worries are taking
on his nerves?

Research says gratitude is the only remedy, that is more than a professional treatment for your sorrow, and you start realizing how small things and people in your life matter a lot, despite the struggles you are going through, i.e., Gratitude as a tool for better living.

Is being Thankful too hard?

We receive several unnoticed blessings every day, and unfortunately, this society has built a mindset inside us that appreciation comes with huge rewards.

 You are being rewarded with a high rank, being awarded with a high salary or high apportion, or are going to have a luxury car, these are standards of happiness, fulfillment and gratitude, but this greedy behaviour makes us longing for more and more. The desire starts choking us instead of making us comfortable with what we receive; as the wise said, “Human nature is always hungry”.

Instead of comparing what you have and what you receive every day, why not be thankful for what life is preparing and rewarding us with even though it won’t be what we are looking for.

Once learn the art of gratitude, you will find out how even very small things make you happy, and you never get overwhelmed and keep on making the positive ways for you, i.e., consistency is the key.

Better Living: How Gratitude Encompasses Several Things?

Being thankful is not just an emotion that relies upon the achievements that you are making every day, and if you would say that success is what we call better living since it builds an ideal lifestyle and luxury standards for you, you are either way wrong.

➢   Psychological Health

Considering the impact of gratitude on your mental health, you must be surprised that our mind largely revolves around the type of thoughts we sow within our minds and the tempo of positivity that we build inside our heads.

If you are constantly thinking about negative aspects, your mind will pick up negative vibes. It will affect your mental health and degenerate your working capacity.

Instead, when you are grateful, your mind keeps gathering positive vibes, and success that arrives with consistency is always so satisfying that you can’t put the relief in words.

➢   Personal Therapy

You are the biggest consultant and adviser for yourself; either make yourself clingy to the downs you are facing and let your life fall apart or keep searching for the light of receptivity via gratitude and create ways for you.

Remember, nothing would change unless you are going to change it by yourself, and gratitude is the biggest mindful therapy, and no psychiatrist is an alternative if you are a positive glider by yourself.

➢   Build an Optimistic Mindset

An ideal and inspiring lifestyle always accompanies an optimistic mindset, and even research reveals that those who walk with an optimistic perspective are successful. They try to perceive good in things, stay confident for their future, past and even present, a hidden weapon for beating the hard circumstances.

Gratitude is a backbone of optimistic behavior, and people with a thankful attitude keep on booking for positive hope even within darkness. Plus, the hopeful outlook overcomes the contrived feeling; they feel more powerful physically and mentally.

➢   Gratitude makes Failure your Strength

Human nature gets overwhelmed with failures, and we become less thankful each time we fall. Comparing ourselves with others and their achievements ratch us, make us hopeless, and the zeal of standing on our feet is the assignment that we fail each time.

On the contrary, gratitude builds us so strong that we seek an opportunity every time we fall. We stand back with more power, gratitude, and hope, with the energetic and enthusiastic mindset that fate can’t defeat us every time, and we are self-made who knows who to build opportunities for ourselves.

In short, gratitude is a driving force, and if we are longing for a wishful life, there must be a huge space for thanksgiving and fulfillment in our life.